What Is Prop Boxes?

When Prop Boxes founder Catherine Roberts started her first online store, she had a basic point-and-shoot camera, no clue how to take a decent picture, and no budget to hire someone who did. Naturally, the production value of her first product photos left a lot to be desired, but everyone has to start somewhere!

So Catherine, like every successful business owner and content creator out there, decided to figure it out. With the help of a whole lot of research and much constructive feedback from more technically proficient friends, she learned how to style and capture photos that build a following, delight that audience, and translate to actual sales. By 2015 she’d grown that little online shop into a beautiful design store in downtown Brisbane, Australia, with a strong ecommerce presence and a significant, loyal following both online and IRL. 

As a retailer, Catherine met dozens of makers and creatives with fantastic products and ideas that they wanted to bring to market. Many were starting in the same place she had - without the skills or experience to develop a sophisticated brand and a business around what they wanted to do, make, and sell. In most cases, it was bland, poor quality, or badly styled product and social media photos that were most obviously letting these businesses down. After all, who’s going to window shop crappy pictures on their instagram feed when there’s so much beautiful, compelling content out there to enjoy? 

Prop Boxes was born to solve the problems of visual content creation for small business owners on the road to amazing: it’s the brainchild of a self-taught entrepreneur on a mission to teach other amateur bosses how to make their businesses look super professional on a budget.  

Catherine envisioned a way for other small business owners, bloggers, and social media influencers to easily and efficiently access the affordable photography props and on-trend styling inspiration needed to create the volume of high quality content that brands today have to put out in order to thrive. That’s why we combine our thoughtfully curated Prop Boxes with original editorial and tutorials in an exciting e-commerce experience.  

Prop Boxes launched in February 2018 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We’re proud to ship world-wide. Here’s what HQ looks like. 

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How Prop Boxes Works

1. Choose Your Visual Style. We’ve curated a list of the most popular and relevant visual styles used by design savvy brands and Instagram influencers. Which one feels the most like you?

2. Explore Your Box. Each box - big and small - contains a collection of treasures that combine photogenic textures, patterns, shapes, and sizes together in visually compelling ways. You can style the items on their own, or add them into photos of your morning coffee, workspace, and the products you’re promoting. Our props also make a great addition to your home and workspace too, so don’t leave them in the box when your creative snap session is done - use and enjoy them!

3. Or… Go A La Cart. Want to mix and match your own Prop Box? No problem! You can buy each and every prop separately on our website to get exactly what you want.  

4. Capture Your Creativity. Each Prop Box comes with access to an exclusive collection of video tutorials to help you master the Science Of Prop Styling and Photography For E-Commerce and Social Media. We’ve pinned down the composition and lighting tricks of the instagram-famous, so you too can learn to #flatlay and #vignette like a pro.

5. Tag Your Photos. We want to see how you’re styling your props to elevate images of the daily life of your business, and behind the scenes. Tag us using #PropBoxes and/or #