Artificial Philodendron Plant

Artificial Philodendron Plant


This artificial philodendron plant features a pick with three life-like heart shaped leaves. The foliage is a rich mid-tone green that will work equally well if you tend to use mostly tropical foliage in your imagery, or if you usually choose more temperate greenery like ivies. 

Styling Suggestions: This pick is really useful. You can either lay on it's side to add some greenery into the side or background of a photo. Or, place it into a vessel (perhaps one you're selling - this is a great prop from ceramic artists!) to achieve the look of a small potted houseplant. The scale of this pick makes it really versatile for many different types of table top flat lays, and smaller product photo shoots. 

Material: Plastic

Size: Each leaf is 3cm x 11cm / The spray is 25cm tall


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