Berber Toothpicks

Berber Toothpicks


Berber toothpicks are the heads of dried fennel flowers. They're used in Morocco for cleaning teeth after meals, but I love them as a photo prop because of their delicate and earthy natural texture. You can pull some fronds from the stem to create more pieces to play with in your compositions. 

Catherine's Prop Styling Tips: Interesting natural ephemera like berber toothpicks are my favourite type of prop to add into product photos, because they tell a story about the values and context of your brand without directly competing with the product you're featuring. These toothpicks would work in the Prop Box of an organic beauty brand, a craft blogger, or any influencer with an earthy and eclectic visual style. 

You'll receive 3 berber toothpicks. 

Material: Dried Fennel Flowers

Average Size: 3cm x 8cm

Country Of Origin: Morocco

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