Ceramic Ring Cone

Ceramic Ring Cone


These ceramic ring cones are elegant in their organic, hand crafted, simplicity. They're made by an artist near Hamilton, Ontario and I've fallen completely in love with their quirky, sculptural quality.

Please note that each ring cone is unique, and and variation in colour, texture, and shape is not a flaw!

Catherine's Styling Suggestions: Obviously you can use ring cones to display jewellery in photos, but this object is so beautiful in its own right that I like to style it into photos simply to add height, texture, and visual interest. It works well in the Prop Box of an organic beauty brand, fashion blogger, and worked into pretty desktop vignettes. 

Material: Ceramic

Size: 3.5cm at base + 10 cm tall

Country Of Origin: Canada

(Please note: only the ceramic ring cone is being sold - the jewellery pictured is not included!)

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