Conch Shell Garland

Conch Shell Garland


This garland is made from small polished pieces of conch shell, strung together on a strand of invisible twine. It has a beautiful depth of colour and shines wonderfully when the conch beads catch the light. Yellows and pinks peek through the neutral shell tones, making this garland perfect for pretty, feminine visual styles. 

Catherine's Prop Styling Suggestions: I like to style the conch shell garland two ways. First, you can keep the strand intact, swagging it across and around the other elements in your photographic compositions. Or, you can remove some of the beads and scatter them in your photos to add texture and shine in a visually interesting way. (You can see I've done this with bits of dried lavender to give the photo of the conch shell garland more visual interest.)  

Material: polished conch shell beads

Size: 1cm diameter / 38cm length

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