Cotton String Shopping Bag

Cotton String Shopping Bag


Cotton string shopping bags are a bit of a design classic that've been making a trendy comeback on the coolest Instagram feeds. Of course they look great in photos, but they're also very practical for going plastic-free at the local shops.

That's a real win-win for your budget and the "authenticity" of your Insta feed!

Catherine's Prop Styling Suggestions: If you're a food, mommy, or interiors blogger / influencer, this cotton string shopping bag is a great prop for your kit. I like it styled with fresh ingredients to add a bit of editorial context to recipe posts. I also love this prop for brands and Instagrammers with a beachy vibe or watery colour pallet. That's because the cotton string bag feels so nautical and laid back... it reminds me of fishing nets and the sea. 

Material: Cotton

Size: 32cm x 38cm

Colour: Natural off-white

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