Dried Lavender Stalks

Dried Lavender Stalks


I love dried lavender stalks as a photo prop! The delicate, slender stems balance out the grounding visual impact of the deep purple buds, which makes this pretty prop feel graphic and modern in photos.  

Dried lavender stalks also smell amazing, last indefinitely, and are food safe. When you're not taking pictures with your lavender, leave the bundle out on your desk in a little jar to enjoy its relaxing benefits while you work. 

You'll receive a small bundle of about 30 stalks. 

Catherine's Prop Styling Suggestions: Use the stalks intact to add height to your photos or a linear element to your flat lays. You can also scatter the loose buds around your composition to add visual interest. 

Material: Dried lavender stems and buds

Size: Stalks range in height from 20cm - 30cm

Country Of Origin: Canada

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