Hand Dyed African Mudcloth

Hand Dyed African Mudcloth


If you love textiles, you'll really appreciate this is authentic African mudcloths. Handmade by artisans in Mali who grow and weave their own cotton, each strip of cloth is hand-dyed with fermented mud that has been stained with plant leaves. The strips are then traditionally sewn together into larger pieces of fabric to be used to make cushions, apholstery, bags, or clothing.

For Prop Boxes, I selected each piece of mudcloth from textile traders in Marrakech, then unpicked the strips to create smaller, more affordably fabric samples that can be used more effectively in product photography and flat lays.

Catherine's Prop Styling Suggestions: Mudcloth samples add a beautiful graphic and textural element to photos. I love the way the designs feel both richly traditional and really quite modern.

Material: Cotton

Average Size: 14cm wide x 20cm long

Country Of Origin: Mali (via Morocco)

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