Preserved Magnolia Leaves

Preserved Magnolia Leaves


Preserved magnolia leaves come from the Southern USA and I love the way the deep glossy green looks so luxurious in photographs. 

You'll receive 5 leaves, and I'll do my best to send a mix of sizes. 

Styling Suggestions: Interesting natural ephemera like preserved magnolia leaves are my favourite type of prop to add into product photos, because they tell a story about the values and context of your brand without directly competing with the product you're featuring. These leaves look really elegant, so I like the idea of styling them with luxury products and fine jewellery. Because the green is so dark, these leaves do a great job of balancing out more feminine brand colours like pinks and gold. You can use calligraphy markers to write on these leaves, which is another cool option for communicating a branded message. 

Material: Preserved magnolia leaf

Average Size: 8cm x 18cm (not including stem)

Country Of Origin: USA

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