Round Japanese Style Tea Spoon

Round Japanese Style Tea Spoon


These round style tea spoons are the hottest shape in flatware. The circular bowl and round, tapered neck and handle are causally elegant, and visually interesting. They add a design savvy, modern flare to your prop box. The navy finish is neither matte nor shiny - it does have a lovely gleam when set in the light.

Each tea spoon is sold separately. 

Catherine's Prop Styling Suggestions: I love these round Japanese style tea spoons styled on a textured background with a cup of tea or a latte, a little treat and some greenery. As behind-the-scene shots go, that kind of composition is always a real winner. 

Material: Metal. Dishwasher safe. I've been using these spoons in my own home for a past several months, and have seen no signs of ware. That said, I never use an abrasive scrubber to clean them, and recommend you don't either. 

Size: 3cm across the bowl / 12.5cm length

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