Turquoise Recycled Beldi Cup

Turquoise Recycled Beldi Cup


Recycled glass Beldi cups are one of the most iconic modern homeware designs ever to come from Morocco. Stackable, practical, and beautiful, they have been adopted by almost every household, restaurant, and cafe in Morocco since the 1940s. Each cup is mouth-blown by an artisan, and so while the modern Beldi factory in Ocher City produces over 3000 glasses per day, each one has its own unique character. Expect some small bubbles in the glass!

Beldi glasses do come in a range of colours, but I've chosen the most traditional - the fresh turquoise tint of these glasses is subtle, but lovely when it catches the light.

Styling Suggestions: Recyceld glass Beldi cups are the perfect addition to your Prop Box if your brand has a coastal vibe, or uses a lot of watery colours. Food and interiors bloggers can't go wrong with Beldi cups, because they look so pretty on a table top, either filled with juice or holding fresh cut greenery and flowers. 

Material: recycled glass

Size: 6cm diameter x 9cm height

Country of Origin: Morocco

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