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The Science Of Styling Light + Bright Photos

Light + Bright instagram feeds are cheerful, clean, and optimistic. This casually sophisticated visual style is deceptively hard to pull off.

Light + Bright instagram themes mix pattern and colour with a crisp, white motif running through to create a casual and unfussy, sunny, upbeat and optimistic vibe. The colours can be bright pops or slightly more washed out, but the whites should always be true, not tinted yellow or blueish. Those crisp whites are what make this aesthetic feel modern - if the tones in the photos were desaturated or tinted, the same photos could easy take on a nostalgic, vintage, or dreamy feel.

Your photos will need to be edited without appearing edited, which makes shooting in good light extra important.

The Light + Bright Brand Personality:

  • Unpretentious
  • Contemporary
  • Happy
  • Nurturing
  • Kid and pet friendly

The Light + Bright Mood 

  • Lots of crisp negative space with pops of colour that put a smile on your face;
  • Colours aren't over saturated or hyper-real - the editing should feel natural;
  • Optimistic, uncluttered, and energised;
  • Impeccably clean whites - no room for wonky colour balance!


    • White ceramics
    • woven straw 
    • Dip dyed or shibori motifs 
    • Coloured tinted glass
    • Natural, untreated wooden bowls, spoons, boards
    • Cotton net shopping bags
    • Falcon enamelware (white plates and bowls with a cobalt rim)
    • Purple amethyst points & clusters
    • Pressed preserved ferns
    • Pressed preserved daisies
    • Billy buttons
    • Faux or real leaves with a rich, mid-green tone (like philodendron, pothos, monstera)
    • Pink Himalayan salt crystals
    • Fresh or dried lavender stalks
    • Colourful vintage postage stamps
    • Colourful bakers twine, thread, and tassels
    • White Scrabble tiles
    • White feather shuttlecocks
    • White wooden mini pegs
    • beeswax candles
    • colourful matches and match boxes
    • colourful paper straws 

    My Favourite Backgrounds For Light + Bright Styled Photos

    • White poster board or foam core
    • White hex tile mosaic
    • Painted white wooden table top


    Try These Hashtags: 

    #traveller #roadlesstravelled #weekendadventures #timeforadventure #weekender #letsgetouttahere #bevisuallyinspired #theartofslowliving #consciousliving 

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    The Science Of Styling Minimalist Monochrome Photos