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The Science Of Styling Minimalist Monochrome Photos

The Science Of Styling Minimalist Monochrome Photos

Minimalism is a discipline, and a paradox. The visual calm of this aesthetic produces a stark energy. The objects mixed into minimalist vignettes should be practical and relevant to the scene, or the whole effect is lost. Without colour to create visual interest, texture and the play of light become paramount.

The Minimalist Brand Personality:

  • Modern
  • Edited
  • Detail Oriented 
  • Relevant

The Minimalist Mood 

  • Black and white, styled simply with strong forms and an architectural edge;
  • Cool, but not careless;
  • Boldly confident, but not attention seeking.


The minimalist style relies as heavily on negative space as it does on what you choose to include. Mix hand crafted wooden tools and ceramics with materials made from industrial materials like metal and concrete. Balance organic forms with strict geometry. Punctuate with the coolest fashion plants of the moment... and in post production, always desaturate.


My Favourite Minimalist Monochrome Photography Props For Instagram and Product Styling:

  • Black and white ceramics (choose simple forms, geometric patterns)
  • Iron bonsai snips
  • Black and white scrabble letters
  • Natural wood or cork accessories (to add some warmth to monochrome compositions)
  • Simple textiles with graphic patterns (Ikea tea towels work a treat!
  • Black or white crystals, geodes, stones
  • Dollar eucalyptus 
  • Real or faux tropical leaves (philodendron, rubber leaves, magnolia leaves, monstera leaves)
  • Pressed preserved ferns
  • Succulents
  • Air plants 
  • Graphic washi tape
  • White and kraft shipping tags
  • Mini white clothes pegs
  • Black office clips
  • Black and white bakers twine
  • Black and white pencils 
  • Art supplies like brushes and ink

My Favourite Backgrounds For Minimalist Monochrome Styled Photos

  • White poster board
  • White faux sheepskin (adds texture to images)
  • White linen tablecloth
  • Black slate tile
  • White walls (painted brick, board and batten, or plasterboard)
  • White hex tile mosaic


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