I N S T A - S T Y L E . . .

In order to create a visually consistent and cohesive feed on Instagram, it's important to be clear about your insta-style... and to have a plan for how you're going to bring it to life. 

If your business already has strong branding that you love and that you use for all your marketing materials, website, and packaging, then you should reference those brand guidelines as the perfect place to start developing your Instagram content strategy. 

If you're starting from scratch with your brand, that's ok too. 

This mini course will walk you through the process of pinning down the right visual style for your Instagram feed. You'll come away with a simple and considered framework for what to post... And that is a good thing if you'd like the job of creating and curating content to feel less complicated. As business owners, we are under pressure to constantly come up with high quality content for our social feeds, but that reality doesn't have to feel so pressurised. Together we're going to come up with a system so you can succeed on Instagram and free up more of your precious time so you can get back to focusing on higher level strategies for building your biz. 

By developing a strong Instagram aesthetic and sticking to it, you’ll ensure that you build your brand in a clear and cohesive way on the platform so your ideal customers can find you, admire your style, fall in love with what you do, remember you, and want to become part of the story. 



As a general rule, people follow brands and influencers on social media whose content they find valuable. That value could come in the form of comedy, news, tips, inspiring ideas, cool products we're excited to discover, or pretty pictures that delight us while we're riding the bus home from work. 

Because Instagram in particular is such a visual platform, in order to get people to follow you there, it really helps to post content that is visually valuable - by which I mean aesthetically pleasing - and also delivers value in the form of a great recipe, a laugh, a feeling of connection, or whatever else you have to offer your audience.

A polished a cohesive Insta-aesthetic feels more beautiful, and therefore more valuable to your audience than if you post haphazardly. It also helps build trust. If you want to communicate that your products or services are of good quality, that you understand your customers and have thought deeply about how best to meet their needs, and that your business will provide them with an uplifting experience, then all of that should be visually represented on your Instagram feed. Think of your grid as a shop window that potential customers are constantly streaming by. In many cases, it's your chance at a great first impression, and in this day and age, that's not an opportunity to be squandered on low-quality images, confusing, irrelevant, or uninspiring content.   



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