Now that you've created a framework for your Instagram visuals, you're ready to source and/or create images that thoughtfully align with your brand and attract your ideal audience.

The best - and only - way to do that while still having time to work in your business, on your business, and retain your sanity is to plan ahead. I know you don't have time to scramble every single day to create something new for Instagram. Creating or sourcing content in advance ensures that you always have something to post that is cohesive and valuable. 

Try creating your content in bulk for 1-2 weeks. Once you have a week or so planned out, you can then use a platform LaterPlann, or Tailwind to schedule your content and pre-write the captions.

When it’s time to post, you will get a notification on your phone. It’s super simple.

Once you have created a clear and concise Visual Style Guide for your brand, you'll also want to ensure that you outline your strategy for captions, community management and hashtags.

Just as you should be consistent with the look and feel of your brand’s visual content, you should ensure that the copy in the bio, the captions, and the responses to questions and comments is also considered.

You should also research the best hashtags to use for your business’ content.

Hashtags allow your content to be discovered by potential new customers, so selecting up to 30 hashtags to pair with each post is highly recommended.