Since you’re creating a visual guide for a visual platform, it’s best to get inspired VISUALLY.

This is the really fun part, where you’ll pull inspiration images, as well as gather together examples of the types of content that you’ll want to share on your feed.

You should definitely spend some time on Instagram, seeking out inspiring accounts + noting what it is about their overall grids and their content that you like.Surf the internet, flip through magazines + click around on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing. Then, you’re going to create TWO different inspiration boards.

One is your MOOD BOARD.


You can create a secret Pinterest board, or save images into a folder on your desktop. If you want, you can go "old school" + cut images out of magazines + post on a cork board.

You do you.



This should be a close aesthetic representation of what your actual feed will look like.

Start by pulling images that evoke the feelings + emotional responses that you want your target audience to feel.

Think about your brand colors, or the color palette you decided on + only pull images in those colors or tones.

Reference the descriptive words that you wrote down when you were identifying the mood of your feed to guide you.

Don’t pull images that couldn’t be described by those words, it’s important that you keep it really clear.

The images you pull to your mood board don’t have to be the literal kinds of images that you will create or post on Instagram, they should simply “feel” like your brand when they are all pulled together on your board.



Think about the content mix you decided on + pull examples of the kinds of images you want to share to represent your brand’s services or products.

If you want to include Lifestyle images, seek out interesting lifestyle inspiration images. If you want to create product layouts or flat lays, pull those kinds of images into your board to get you thinking about creative ways to style your own products.

The images you pull into this board don’t need to visually align with your brand colors, or your business’ visual aesthetic.

You can add any images that inspire you conceptually, compositionally, or have elements in them that you’d like to include in your own images.

When you reference the ideas on this board to create your own content, you will then use your mood board to ensure that it stays on-brand aesthetically.

Using the two boards together helps you to better plan on not only what you want to post, but how it should always look + feel in your feed as well.